Lingnan University

Lingnan University is a young university in the territory, yet with the longest established tradition. Its history dates back to 1888 when its forerunner, the prestigious Lingnan University in Guangzhou (Canton), was founded. The University seeks to provide its students with quality education distinguished by the best liberal arts tradition from both the East and the West.

Apart from honours bachelor's degree programmes, the University offers Master of Philosophy (MPhil) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) programmes in Chinese, Cultural Studies, English, History, Philosophy, Translation, Visual Studies, Business, and Social Sciences. Both MPhil and PhD programmes lead to in-depth study in specific research areas. Full-time MPhil/PhD students will normally be awarded studentships.

The University also offers a number of taught postgraduate programmes, mostly leading to master’s degrees, in Accountancy, Business Administration, Chinese, Cultural Studies, English Studies, International Banking and Finance, Liberal Studies, and Practical Philosophy.

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Lingnan adopts a student-oriented approach in teaching and learning, and emphasizes close faculty-student relationship. Interaction plays an important role to mobilize students to reach for higher levels of intellectual discourse, analytical thinking and independent research abilities.

The University has well-qualified academic staff who are active in research to guide MPhil and PhD students. The academics serving as supervisors of MPhil and PhD students will closely guide their students in the early phases of their research and thereafter will be responsible for helping them to work independently.

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Lingnan is fully aware of the need to focus its research efforts on its areas of strengths. At Lingnan, research and teaching are seen as interactive, one enriching the other field of endeavour. The synergy between teaching and research is particularly relevant to Lingnan, as our teaching exhibits a strong empirical orientation.

As a liberal arts university, Lingnan is fully committed not only to quality teaching but excellence in research. Lingnan prides itself as a "liberal arts-plus" university which also excels in research. Its remarkable achievement was confirmed by the University Grants Committee. In the 2006 Research Assessment Exercise (RAE), Lingnan achieved an institution-wide research performance index of 76.35%. It was a spectacular increase on the figure of 38.85% obtained in the last RAE conducted in 1999. Noting that the UGC adopted a higher threshold standard for the latest exercise, Lingnan is happy to note itself as one of the best performing UGC-funded institutions, occuping the fouth position just after the three "research intensive" universities in Hong Kong.

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The University campus is located approximately 2 kilometres north of the Tuen Mun Town Centre. It has a total area of about 11 hectares and consists of the main campus housing the University's teaching and support facilities and the adjacent secondary campus housing the University's outdoor sports ground. The teaching facilities include lecture theatres, lecture rooms, audio-visual rooms, tutorial rooms, computer laboratories, and language laboratories. In the University's Sports Complex, indoor air-conditioned facilities and outdoor sports facilities are provided.

The University has endeavoured to provide research postgraduate students with financial assistance to enable them to devote full efforts to their studies and to facilitate their research studies and professional development. Postgraduate Studentships (PGSs) are awarded to full-time students to support their daily subsistence, tuition fees and other expenses that may incur during the course of their studies. Normally, a full-time MPhil/PhD student is assigned a full PGS. There are also conference travel scholarships and field trip sponsorships schemes to provide financial support to students in conference participation and conducting field trips.

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